The self-help desk

Self-help desk | Mary Lee writes
When Mary Kathryn visited several weeks ago, I was having trouble with my printer. She tried to get it working and then told me it had just “died,” and I needed to get a new one.

You need to understand that I have only plugged and unplugged under the direction of Suddenlink! I decided to purchase the wifi printer recommended by Mary Kathryn and install it myself. I spent Saturday morning getting it unpacked and set up, then started the connecting the cables. I made sure to position the cartridges. It sounds ridiculous, but it took me awhile to find the paper feed, as it is a drawer at the front in this model. John and Mary Kathryn will both confirm that I have never read directions, they drive me crazy.

I thought it ready to print, but, guess what? It refused my commands. Mary Kathryn didn’t answer my calls, and John told me he couldn’t figure it out long distance! I told him I hated to wait until Christmas to have a working printer.

So……..I called Hewlett Packard. After a half hour of the tech’s taking over my screen, I asked him if it could be something to do with my router. He said not. He told me that when I uninstalled the old printer, I had messed up the configuration, and he would connect me with someone who could help. All this time he is manipulating my screen, clicking too fast for me to follow.

I connected with the supposedly more competent technician, and he told me he would be glad to help, and that it would be $99. I replied, “I don’t think so.” I told him I was disconnecting him from my screen and would work it out myself. This is a brand new printer, and I had the extended warranty – and they wanted $99 to help me attempt to get the printer to perform? He wished me a sarcastic “good luck” and I hung up, frustrated and determined.

I started tapping around on the menu and a printed page popped out, telling me to hold down the router signal (button on top of the router) for three seconds. Voila! Printing! Now who needs a tech! Does anyone need tech support? I am free.