The happiest holiday is a safe holiday

I am angry, and I am tired of being called paranoid. I admit it. I am. I do not want this disease. I am terrified of feeling that I cannot breathe.

Do you understand people who refuse to abide by the CDC’s guidelines in protecting themselves and others from Covid-19? Is it because of the misinformation given out by this administration? Is it because they think they won’t be infected? What is the reason for this idiocy? Are they copying the White House’s present occupants with their insane Christmas parties?

Every headline gives the number of infected Americans. The number of deaths is unimaginable. Have you read about the long haulers, the ones who need lung transplants, the patients on dialysis, or the ones with damaged hearts? There are too many side effects to name them all.

There are stories daily about health care workers who are exhausted and facing burnout. The hospitals are asking retired nurses and doctors to step in and help.

I was talking with a friend today who commented they would be fine, because there would only be ten at the table. I repeated what she meant: ten people, inside for hours, from five different cities. I have lost patience with this kind of behavior.

We have a path to slow this down until vaccines are available. Will you join me in listening to the scientists? This disease is like playing Russian roulette. It might not have a bullet in the chamber but chances are it will. Once you are infected, there is no cure. You might have a light case, or you might die. Wouldn’t you rather try to hang around to celebrate next year? Protect yourselves and others, please.

“This is My commandment, that you love one another just as I have loved you.” (John 15:12)