Stephens Suzies

Stephens College
I met three longtime friends in Kansas City a couple of weeks ago. We shared the freedom we felt in our casual clothes, because when we traveled to college in 1954 – on the train to Columbia, Mo. – we arrived in hat, white gloves and heels. I was truly giggling about how ridiculous I would look today, boarding a train in Hoxie, Arkansas, and changing in St. Louis, dressed in this way. We had bags we could barely lift and were greeted, at the station, by girls wearing Stephens beanies. I can remember the loneliness of being in a crowd and not knowing one soul, just before my 18th birthday. My first roommate was a ballerina who danced pirouettes around our tiny dorm room! It didn’t take long for the switch of suitemates to occur. My forever friend from Boston was the girl who saved my sanity!