Sharing on this Monday Morning

Some of the best advice I ever received was from an older friend when I was a young bride. She told me to embrace both older and younger friends as their viewpoints become more important as we age.

This happened almost as a coincidence in my life, and it has been great, although my older friends are very few at this stage. It is wonderful to be able to share with long time friends my age as we have so much in common. But now I find my special friend is about 10 years younger and always ready to have a good laugh or cry. I enjoy any age and am reminded of an AA speaker who said, “you may wonder what this old gray headed woman will have to say that will help you, but I want you to know that I have the same emotions as you. They don’t change with age.”  I have found her words to be true.

I love my friends, both old and new. I have found that someone I consider unfriendly just needs a kind word and can be a good friend – perhaps they are shy or wounded in some way. Take time to listen!

My ENT asked if the tinnitus bothered me a lot, and my reply was only when I am quiet. And since I am seldom quiet, it’s not a huge problem. I am working on hearing that still quiet voice and achieving that goal is a priority.

Enjoy your Monday, beginning with a grateful heart. Thank you God for good friends.