I still have 1,359 friends on Facebook

Mary Lee writes | Facebook

Take a deep breath, Mary Lee, and stop feeling like the little girl who all of a sudden got reprimanded and dissolved in tears. I know that I post too much on Facebook. When I read an article that might be helpful (or backs up my own opinions) I tend to post it. I love posting memories as reminders to friends of the good times we have shared. Lately, my daughter and I have self-isolated to try to avoid coronavirus, and for this reason I have been sharing even more than usual as this is a way to connect.

There have been articles lately addressing the loneliness of older adults. Having lived in three different areas since becoming a widow nearly seven years ago, I have made a lot of friends whose support I value.

I have my bridge buddies, my PEO buddies, my book club buddies, my church buddies, my writing group buddies, my dog loving buddies, to name a few.

When I see a picture of a dog in need of adoption or a lost dog, I post. A person is missing, I post. I’m a sucker for pictures of families, especially kids and babies and older children who are making a mark on the world.

I post when immigrants are unfairly treated, when human rights are withheld, when I read a post that is clearly fake. When our President does something I think is absurd.

At 83, I have had so many people pass through my life and somehow I can’t let them go. They are a part of what makes me who I am today.

I try to be fair to differing opinions but, although I have voted several times for Republicans, I decided I needed to study the platforms carefully for each party and make my choice. I do not hate Donald Trump because I think he is a damaged human being and to be pitied. I cringe to think how his presidency will be leaving our country in shambles, and I hope voters will stop believing fake news sites and check out their sources. We owe that to the children of this country, restoring decency in speech as well as actions. Forget the fictitious border wall that “Mexico is paying for,” and put that money toward developing a fair plan for immigrants. Save the programs developed to make lives improve, such as DACA. Yes, I am a yellow dog Democrat and proud of it.

Try feeling the peace in your heart that comes from the acceptance of others, no matter whom they vote for, whom they love or what faith they follow.

I have a core group of friends on Facebook who share honestly. If we disagree, we say so. I would miss them because they remind me of my convictions.

My daughter encouraged me this morning to write a blogpost that would make you laugh in the midst of this crisis, something lighthearted. Then I received an email from a high school friend who told me he was unfollowing me. All of a sudden I was that little girl who never did anything right, so she just never achieved anything. Then I thought, grow up! The easy way out is to retreat and have hurt feelings. The adult says stand up for yourself. My old friend told me that we agree on issues almost 100% of the time, but posting once a day is really too much, that posting once a week is enough. Friends, I apologize for not controlling my passion as I believe that the bottom line is that we love one another and respect our differences. That’s all that counts. Ignore my posts or unfollow me, but stay my friend.