A Blog? Why?

Why did I suddenly decide to write a blog? That’s the question from my friends this week.

It’s not that I have advice to share, only experiences. I realized years ago that I could learn from hearing others share. Sitting around the table at Al-Anon meetings, I listened and found the value of being present for others. Talking things out with a person “who has his ears on,” as Mary Kathryn puts it, often brings the answer we have been seeking.

I have never studied any sort of creative writing or journalism, and I have never followed the suggestions of writing down my thoughts, so this blog is a challenge from me. As I share with you, I hope to be learning as I go. Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss is a book that I purchased when it was first published. It has become my textbook of sorts, helping with comma placement, etc.

All my life, I have buried my emotions in books. I don’t have many memories of my childhood, but I do know in my heart that reading and the love of my cocker spaniel Rusty comforted me in many ways.

So: The blog is about my healing and experiences as I look back over the years. On the outside, I must have seemed to have the proverbial silver spoon. On the inside, I was a scared child who faked an illness in high school to keep from making a speech when running for a class office. Frederich Buechner, in his book Telling Secrets, encourages me to tell mine.