As I Age

I realize that I enjoy a great sense of peace, and that I am passionate about several things in my life. The first is my beloved family including the ever growing extended family. Cornerstone United Methodist Church is both my spiritual home and a favorite volunteer opportunity.  It is a loving congregation, and I feel unconditional love and acceptance from its staff and members.  Another volunteer opportunity is the Flo and Phil Jones Hospice House.  I see every week the giving and deep caring of the Chaplain and nurses and marvel at how they can handle seeing so much grief. In their faces,  I witness the carrying out of the love for our neighbor taught by our Lord. It fills me on a deep level impossible to explain. To volunteer is a ministry of presence, sometimes just a smile or an “I’m sorry for your loss.”  I also know the need to have fun and playing duplicate bridge is my outlet. The hours spent around the tables, learning to bid and play at a higher level, is challenging, and I have found I have a competitive side. I enjoy my new friends. I would like your comments about how you view your life and what contributes to your peace of mind.