A different kind of Easter

Mary Lee Writes | Easter Service

I celebrated Easter Sunday with my daughter and our three little furry friends, self-isolated since March 6. My daughter has had a kidney transplant and, because of the anti-rejection drugs, she is immunosuppressed. We began isolating earlier than most, and we have found being dressed and ready as if we were going out helps keep our attitude positive. And we are going out – to our backyard.

As I was drinking my coffee and relaxing Sunday morning, I realized I must dress, because “I leave for church at 9:30.” That’s when the realization hit me that I would be tuning in to Zoom today. I still needed to be presentable as we gathered to greet one another.

The service was lovely and the feeling was one of connection. We rejoiced in the news of the resurrected Christ with beautiful music and an always relatable and outstanding message from our interim pastor. The service concluded with an outstanding recording of the Hallelujah Chorus. The minister is a Southerner also but somehow he has lost that drawl that people immediately comment about. The first time I was partnered for duplicate bridge a woman passed my car as I was getting out and I said hi to her. She turned around and said to me, “you are my partner. I was told it was someone from the South.”

Following church, my daughter and I listened to the incredible Easter concert given by Andrea Bocelli. You’ll find it on YouTube if you missed it. I think he is amazing to have overcome his blindness and share his talent with millions.

In the afternoon, our Santa Monica family called on FaceTime and five were able to chat. It was an hour of laughter, reminiscing, and sharing how each is coping. One is in her freshman year of college and wondering how her plans will change. This threat has given many a new perspective on how they wish to spend their lives, and she is contemplating her future.

A young man on our street here in Terra Linda has set up a four o’clock check-in each Sunday on one of the internet links while we are isolating. It was fun to see neighbors and know we are all here for each other from our backyards. He told us he goes to the grocery on Mondays and if we would email him our list, he would be happy to drop the groceries at our door. That added to my comfort level!

It was warm in the sun so I enjoyed my dose of Vitamin D. I think we finally have the anti-bark collar for my little Havanese that works. He loves surprising anyone who walks by our fence with aggressive-sounding barking, and that is not admired in this quiet neighborhood. It makes him unhappy to wear it so I have been choosing to pamper him! I am trying to be a tough mother but then that cute little face says “please don’t put that on me.”

Last night I continued watching “My Brilliant Friend,’’ based on the book by the Italian author Elena Ferrante. It is in Italian, but don’t be discouraged by subtitles. It is a captivating story of friendship between two girls.

To sum up my day, it was good. We missed my son and his husband, only thirty minutes away, but far away with the threat of Covid-19. We are trying our best to protect ourselves and in this effort we protect others. If you haven’t allowed yourself to read an account of being infected by this virus, I urge you to do this. Also read a doctor’s story of intubating many patients. The only preventive is to stay home. I don’t want to read about you as a statistic. Yesterday was a good day, and today is another good day. If I don’t accomplish another thing I have enjoyed writing to my friends. In comments, perhaps you’ll share with me how you are handling this time.

There are many who are terrified financially, those whose businesses are in jeopardy, those who are challenged by being on the front lines, the undocumented who are ineligible for unemployment benefits, the uninsured, some who live paycheck to paycheck and now they don’t have one. And today we sympathize with the Southern states hit by tornadoes the past several weeks. Today many are grieving lives lost in the tornadoes. Many have no electricity in the middle of this Pandemic. I could go on but I am asking you to search your hearts and reach out as you can. Remember your housekeeper who is now out of work. You probably budgeted for that service so continue paying them. A contribution to a Food Bank would be welcome. Let’s remember Jesus’ teaching and treat/love our neighbor as we would wish to be treated/loved. Join me in carrying yesterday’s Easter joy each day to others. Stay safe!